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New To Coding – See How To Set up Your VS Code

New To Coding – See How To Set up Your VS Code

Are you new to coding? Then you need to follow this step-by-step guide on how you can set up your VS code.

You can download the VSCode from here in case you don’t have it.

We understand the challenges that come when someone is learning how to code. If you didn’t set up your VS Code very well, then it will attract more challenges to you. Although what we are showing here is the basic things to set up which is very helpful to anybody starting his/her programming career.

We tried our best to make the steps very simple and understandable, but you can ask questions using the comment box if you have additional questions to ask. So are you new to coding – see how to set up your VS Code below.

Step One

Open your VS Code. When you open it, you will see something similar to the image below.

Now we are going to set up the autosave and also code wrapping which will help you save your codes after you code, so you won’t stress yourself saving your codes every time you make a change.

Step Two

Click on the icon that is at the bottom left of the editor. Check the image below to see the icon.

New To Coding - See How To Set up Your VS Code

Step Three

Click on Settings

New To Coding - See How To Set up Your VS Code

Step Four

On the commonly used tab, you will see (files: autosave), your own will be showing off

Click on the off and then select afterDelay

Step Five

After fixing that one, scroll down to where you see (Editor: Word Wrap). Setting this ON will help wrap your code to a viewpoint.

Change it from OFF to ON

Step Six

Click on the extension button, this is where you can get extensions that will help make coding more flexible.

Step Seven

Search for VSCode Starter Pack and then click on it.

Click on install, this will install the basic extensions you need for your editor.

There are other extensions you may need in your coding journey which is not in the starter pack. But don’t worry, as you increase your coding knowledge that’s the same way you will find out the extensions you need to install.

Feel free to use the comment box in case you have a question to ask.



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