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Meet the youngest AWS developer associate in Africa

Meet the youngest AWS developer associate in Africa

Let’s Meet the youngest AWS developer associate in Africa. A 13-year-old software engineer Joshua Agboola has arisen as the youngest Certified Amazon Web Services (AWS) Developer Associate in Africa.

As per the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Agboola accomplished the accomplishment following a difficult two-hour assessment that tried his abilities and information in sending, investigating, and creating on the AWS cloud platform.

Infrastructure, platforms, or software that is hosted by a third party and made accessible to users via the Internet are known as cloud services.

Agboola, in a meeting with NAN in Lagos on Sunday, said he was enlivened to accomplish the accomplishment in light of his exceptional exhibition in his AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner examination earlier in the year.

He expressed that thus, he was urged by his dad to take his quest for a cloud profession further by sitting for a higher degree certificate.

That’s what agboola said however he had fostered an interest in DevOps, the famous movement was to go for the Solutions Architect Associate certification, and this was the very thing that he did.

“Initially, I was preparing for the Solutions Architect Associate certification, which is the next certification most people take in their AWS cloud journey. However, I changed my mind and decided to take the developer associate certification, which is harder, after being encouraged by an older friend programmer.

”The light went up in my mind, and I started concentrating on the following day.

”The chance of securing the title of the youngest Developer Associate in the world, which is a likeness to a world record in the cloud space, likewise turned into areas of strength for me,” he said.

He said that he studied for two to five hours per day for approximately six weeks to prepare for the test.

According to Agboola, the purpose of the first two weeks of study was to comprehend the fundamental concepts of the course and acquire knowledge of all exam-related topics.

He said he had to cover the Solutions Architect course material earlier because he used some of his study time for revision, which pleased me because my practice has paid off.

The internet sensation, who was just 13 years old, said that his accomplishments in the cloud had been recognized, writing, “A tech. A Lagos-based company has already offered to provide me with additional technical guidance.

He gave his success to young people who want to make a career in technology and encouraged them to pursue their goals.

Obtaining certification as an AWS Developer Associate, according to Amazon, demonstrates proficiency in developing, deploying, and debugging cloud-based applications as well as knowledge and understanding of the fundamental AWS services.

Amazon said that associations with AWS-guaranteed designers have the confirmation of having the right ability to give them an upper hand and guarantee partners and clients fulfillment.

It went on to say that “certified individuals gain more confidence and credibility” by preparing for and obtaining this certification.

NAN reports that prior, Agboola had taken and passed the AWS Cloud Expert confirmation turning into the most youthful in Africa to do as such.

Also, on July 17, 2023, he took the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam, which was a first for Africa. He passed with flying colors.



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